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Richard's Famous Food Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

A beloved cultural artifact has disappeared. The only way to find it, of course, is through podcasting. So Richard embarks on a journey to uncover the whereabouts of a long-lost pizzeria commercial from the 1990s known as “The Last Mojo.”




Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.



Sep 2, 2020

A new CEO takes over. Richard is replaced as host.


Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.


Most all of the music in this episode was composed and performed by Jonathan Snipes, with bizarre and unauthorized augmentations from Richard. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. The Fresh Air theme...

Aug 5, 2020

It's hot, the world is nuts — but inside RFFP, we're mixing up a refreshing, delicious, ice-cold beer cocktail from Mexico: the michelada.

So leave the dog days of summer behind, and join us on a journey in search of the definition of the American Michelada — from its origins in Mexico, to its present as an emerging...

Jul 22, 2020

A super-short “small plate” boutique hand-crafted free-associative duck-themed episode specially designed to amouse your bouche, featuring Wolfgang Puck, Johnny Carson, and Richard's mom.

Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.

Our logo is by James Braithwaite. Our theme song is by...

Jul 10, 2020

The first installment of "Peeklay Private Eye"! In an effort to subsidize his highly-produced passion-project food podcast, former newsman and podcast personality Peeklay Brinestein accepts work-for-hire cases from the public. (Expenses paid, of course.) His first case? Investigating the meaning of an old British...