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Richard's Famous Food Podcast

Feb 17, 2020

An interview with a podcast.

Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III. Interview by Ian Chillag, creator and host of Everything Is Alive. Gloria, the podcast agent, was played by Joanna Kay. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. Our logo is by James Braithwaite. Additional music in this episode by Blue Dot Sessions, Richard, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. “Lacrimosa” features Maurizio Machella on organ, plus performances by the KPM Philharmonic Orchestra, the KPM Choir, Hieronym Baltazar, and Maciej Korczaky. Some of the spaceship sound effects are from the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar. If you’ve listened to the episode and now are reading this deep into the show notes, there are two Beatles references in this episode. Did you notice them? If you can name them both and tell me which songs they’re from, I’ll send you something. Thanks a lot for listening to the show. Orson Welles appears courtesy of Life, Art, and Wine. Follow on social media @richardsfamous and @reechardparks. Call today.